TIME FOR THE DECEMBER EDITION OF sprinkles and spritzers: enjoy refreshments, mix and mingle with fellow magic women & get discounted hair sprinkles installations! 

arrive by 3pm and enjoy the early bird special and get 3 or more sprinkles installed at the discounted rate OF $10 PER LOC OR $15 PER STRAND (LOOSE HAIR) Belive me... that's a steal!

rsvp below for sprinkles and spritzers on DECEMBER 1ST!  

A conversation piece to say the least! It’s like timeless beauty being added to your hair... They just light up your life.
— Egypt Ami, Salon owner of Under The Sun Hair Studio

The technique, worn by many, comes from humble beginnings in Washington, DC at Under the Sun Hair Studio. Sprinkles is an artistic accent for all hair textures. 

Hair Sprinkles creates a "fairy dust" like effect of colors in your hair. Easy to style and manipulate, this boho inspired look can be the "go to" for a unique conversation starting style and permanent color alternative. 

Creator, Amber Mimz, takes clients in Washington DC and also travels for events, pop up shops and shoots across the country. 


Service, care and Fees:

  • This is a service that is installed into the hair that can last at a minimum of 2-4 weeks (depending on the hair texture) or be permanent until removed.  
  • Holds up through washes, dryer sets, color, braids/twists, and multiple styles! No need to change your hair routine!
  • Installation fees vary depending on length, hair texture and detail but all services start at $15 per loc and $20 for loose/straight hair. 
  • Consultation is required. 
  • Available for private events, parties, photo shoots, special occasions, brand collaborations and more! (fees may vary)
 Follow our new Instagram page @Hairsprinklesby2322

 Follow our new Instagram page @Hairsprinklesby2322


"When people say OMG! I've never seen anything like that! who did it? how did they do that?... my first instinct is to lie because I want to keep this amazingness all to my self!" 

                                   - Jessica, Client


                      "It's so classic but with a touch of edge..." 

                    - Nahbeeh, Artist and Business Owner


Online scheduling

Still have questions? Want to host a "Sprinkles Party" for you and friends? OR ORGANIZE A POP UP? Shoot me a note. 

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