"Amber Mimz is a singer/songwriter/producer native to DC. Her newest project The Life of Riley is a beautiful blend of pop, soul and R&B and has been highly praised seeing her fan base increase steadily by the day. Not only a talented musician, Amber also owns a jewelry brand 2322." 

                                                                                                 -SoulTrain. com 


With an artistic foundation in music as a graduate from the New School University's Jazz and Contemporary Music program and design roots as the offspring of Goldsmith and Jewelry store owner Jamel Mims, Amber is a dynamic multi-artist. She believes that her hands and mind are her greatest asset, using her creativity as a means of expressing and living her life to the fullest. Mostly known for her music production, her sultry-soul baring compositions and her performances, dubbed The Experience, wearing the hat of producer, singer, songwriter and designer is no easy task. But, she does it all with such transparency and confidence that it all molds into an effortless 1 man show. Draped in her signature pieces from her line 2322, cork necklaces, dice rings, leather bangle bracelets and beads that appear like fairy dust in her hair. All while singing original songs that keeps her supporters vibes high Mimz, as she's affectionately called, invites you to Get into the life…

Growing up in the city of Washington DC by artist parents Amber, at an early age, grew an appreciation for many cultures, lifestyles and of course music and art. Much like her latest single “Kali Love” from her self produced album, The Life of Riley, the rhythms of funk and Afro beat are the skeleton of this Fela inspired record. From living in DC to NYC and Los Angeles as a young adult there’s no doubt she’s lived through a few things… “A triumph... A proverbial anecdote” says Afropunk.com of her latest body of work.

“Like most artist I vent through my medium. I wish I had the courage to be a bit more honest and upfront without the mic at times though.”

Well, that raw emotion and storytelling talent has struck a chord with many! She’s shared stages and opened for artists such as The Floacist (of Floerty), Eric Roberson, Jesse Boykins, Asher Roth and Denitia and Sene to name a few and has held down residencies and stages from Brooklyn, NY to Little Tokyo, LA.

 In 2012 she embarked upon another artistic venture 2322. The business was all to familiar as it’s a Jewelry and Accessories line. The center of it is recyclables! From corks to scarp materials, It started this way because she didn’t have much to spare on materials and wanted it to still have a vintage vibe but it has quickly grown into business that stands on its own and will soon be carried in its first major chain at Whole Foods Market in the late Fall of 2014.

Expanding on jewelry and accessorizing Mimz also took a small idea and turned it into another way to support herself, Hair Sprinkles! The technique and trade was inspired by her good friend Afi during their college days. Years later she got a call to style a shoot for another friend for an add campaign and all she wanted was to “look like the mom from Crooklyn.”

Well with that not being an option because of her hair style at the time she reflected back to her friend and thought of another idea and thus, Hair Jewels was born! Almost 3 years later the technique has been mastered for a variety of hair types and receives clientele in DC, NYC and Los Angeles.


With all three mediums growing and expanding by the day Mimz is truly an Artist… completely. Devoting her time and energy to becoming the best version of herself she can be. Sharing and relating to others through her art is only the icing on the cake!